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Great Lakes States Streamline Offshore Wind

The governors of several US states adjacent to the Great Lakes have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) along with the federal government in order to streamline the development of offshore wind power generation in the Great Lakes. The governors of Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York and natural cialis Pennsylvania, as well as ten different federal agencies have all signed the Memorandum. This agreement has created the new Great Lakes Offshore Wind Energy Consortium which will serve to "support the efficient, expeditious, orderly and responsible review of proposed offshore wind energy projects in the Great Lakes."

Most of the Great Lakes area offers some of just try! buy cialis online us the best wind potential in the country, although there is not yet any offshore wind power generation installed. With this Memorandum, future development of wind energy in the Great Lakes should be less encumbered with bureaucratic difficulties and encounter fewer interdepartmental coordination problems.

According to cheap 25mg levitra the Department of Energy press release, the Great Lakes offer "the potential to produce more than 700 gigawatts of energy from offshore wind, about one fifth of the total offshore wind potential in the U.S." Wind power generation in this region would also be well positioned to serve the more densely populated Midwest.

image: CC BY 2.0 by Phault

via: EERE Network News

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