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MAY 15

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"Looks like a 'Ridgeblade', which has been in development for a few yea..."

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Enclosed Rooftop Wind Turbines from Australia

A new, small-scale wind turbine suitable for rooftop use is only here free viagra sample under development in Australia. The Windpod looks more like a cylindrical, vertical-axis wind turbine, than a 'pinwheel' horizontal-axis turbine, but is deployed on sale levitra its side.

The Windpod G1 has a diameter of 450mm and viagra 100 mg a length of 2200mm (about 18 inches by 86.5 inches) and can produce up to 1 kilowatt of power. However, the cut-in wind speed seems to cialis from mexico be around 4 meters/second (about 9 mph), and full power is not reached until a wind speed of 12.5 meters/second (nearly 28 mph). Locations with strongly directional prevailing winds would be suitable for this system, but with the high wind speeds necessary, it's unlikely this approach will replace other types of wind turbines.

We've seen other rooftop turbines that aim to use the slope of a residential roof as a wing to help drive more air through the turbine and increase its power output. The Windpod is also proposed for installation at the ridge of where to buy viagra online a sloped roof or at the roof or corner edge of a larger building, where increased wind effects are strongest. Unlike some other roof-edge turbines we've seen, the Windpod seems particularly well suited for this kind of application, although it's a fairly limited and specialized use.

Installed cost for the Windpod in Australia is estimated to be AU$7,000-7,500/kW (At current rates, the US and Australian dollar are almost on par with one another).

via: Treehugger

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Any new news on this?
written by otherdave, May 16, 2012
The article linked is from 2007. Has there been any further news since then?
Green is Good
written by nyak, May 17, 2012
You wont hear much progress from these types of machines as just like all vertical axis type generators.... they just don't work. And why are they wasting our time? If you want to put anything on your roof to offset your carbon foot print.... Please just go Solar!
Looks good
written by Aidan Gibson, May 20, 2012
Is it safe compared to other wind turbines? Not sure if this design will take off. Solar has no moving parts so safer design than this.
Good Concept - But too many considerations
written by enjegoodnezz, May 24, 2012
This is cod tramadol overnight a good concept, making portable wind turbines.
But there is just too many considerations to be able to harness wind energy effectively. Especially with this scale.

Has anyone tried this on their rooftop yet?
Stand it on end...
written by El Kabong, May 25, 2012
and mount it at the corners of skyscrapers. The wind is so strong at those points that the windows require special strength and mounting.
Good as an additional source of energy
written by Cheerioh, May 25, 2012
Solar is good but what about night time? Often times, especially around a full moon it gets pretty windy during the day and at night.

I like the idea of combining various technologies to convert energy from the 4 Natural Elements, Geothermal (Earth), Solar panels (Sun)& Solar Thermal (heats Water) with horizontal roof top Turbine (Wind)(other types of vertical turbines are illegal on city houses)

The only issue with this turbine is the noise, hum, harmonics levels which aren't mentioned. As a preventive measure against disorienting birds and bats etc. one can build a cage around the turbine to solve that issue.
Design already been done in the UK!
written by John Cossham, May 25, 2012
Looks like a 'Ridgeblade', which has been in development for a few years in North Yorkshire, UK. See

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