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MAY 27

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"This project is clearly sending a message of the huge changes in reduc..."

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Offshore Atlantic Transmission Line Moves Forward

A significant regulatory hurdle has been cleared in the development of wind power along the eastern shore of the United States. The Department of the Interior announced a finding of no competitive interest for the cheap cialis proposed Mid-Atlantic offshore wind energy transmission line.

The Atlantic Wind Connection has been under development for a couple of years with companies including Google, investment firm Good Energies, Japanese company Marubeni, and Maryland transmission company Trans-Elect sharing the investment. It will provide an electrical grid backbone with the capacity to transmit 7,000 meagawatts of canada viagra generic off-shore wind power to the grid.

The proposed project is a high-voltage, direct-current subsea transmission system that would collect power generated by wind turbine facilities off the Atlantic coasts of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. The first such offshore infrastructure proposed in the United States, the system's parallel, redundant circuits would total about 790 miles in length.

The Atlantic coast of the United States is a vast, as-yet untapped source of potential wind power. In addition to being resource-rich, it is also a heavily populated part of the country with a great deal of electrical demand, and wind farms along this part of the country can do a great deal of good. The next step for the project will be to evaluate potential environmental impacts.  Construction of the project is expected to take 10 years in total.

via: US Dept. of Interior

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written by Robert, June 13, 2012
I'm amazed that they could get a project like this done within ten years. Also google funding, seems out of tramadol no prescription no membership place, wonder what's in it for them? Free electricity?
Good job!
written by personal statement help, September 25, 2012
Great job for those who made this project successful. This will open to only here generic viagra professional a more innovative technological engineering for the coming years.
More Please
written by Move Forward, February 18, 2013
Beats me that they don´t invest more, so we can get off oil dependency completely. Infinite green energy at our disposal, just move forward and cheapest cialis in uk harvest.
A Big Revolution in Electricity Transmissions
written by Rebuilt Transmission, September 02, 2013
This project is clearly sending a message of the huge changes in reducing electricity shortage problems in coming years. I think, after 10 years (as expected to be completed the project) people will have a strong and reliable electric transmission backbone. I don't think electricity service will be free or not but surely it would be a great help.

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