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MAY 29

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"Nice little project. Thanks for sharing. :)..."

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A Small Wind Turbine You Can Make Yourself

As the June 17 deadline to the Instructables Green Design Contest fast approaches, Jaymi Heimbuch at TreeHugger has highlighted one particular entry: a small DIY wind power generator that can sit in your backyard.

The wind generator’s designer, out-of-the-box, offers demo videos and i recommend online order levitra text instructions accompanied by photos. As the designer notes, the amount of electricity the generator can produce depends on the steper motor you choose to use when constructing it yourself. The one shown in the soft tab cialis instructions tops out at 8 volts, but on a still day outputs around 4. Modifying the turbine to viagra and women increase efficiency, out-of-the-box is posting updates after the last step in the instructions, like removing a cup off of each arm to reduce wind resistance and adding unobtrusive solar panels.

This contest’s accessibility stands out among some other green design competitions. It doesn’t involve prototypes that use obscure materials or require years of experience in aerospace engineering. Instead, each entry must provide step by step instructions to show others how to make the project themselves.

via: TreeHugger

image via out-of-the-box

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What is the point?, Low-rated comment [Show]
Not Pointless
written by Tyler, June 07, 2013
Sure, this project my not power your narrow little space but, it could be a great way to learn about solar energy & it's potential. It could get your creative juices flowing & yield something profound. Or, it could be a complete waste of time if your waiting for someone to hand you a polished consumer good. Why does anyone, do anything themselves? Especially, when amps x volts = watts & you'd rather spend your free time being snide.
written by DellindaL , June 07, 2013
Very cool. Love DIY projects. And keep a few things from the landfill.
written by Feron, September 16, 2013
Nice little project. Thanks for sharing. smilies/smiley.gif

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