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JUN 14

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"see it's like this there has been some small wind farms in this area f..."

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Oil Tycoon Planning World's Largest Windfarm

T. Boone Pickens wants to build the largest wind farm in the world. You might assume that with a name like T. Boone Pickens, this guy would be some kind of oil tycoon.  Funny thing is, you'd totally be right.

You know wind power has made it big when Texas oil moguls start getting into the business. And, of course, everything is bigger in Texas.

Pickens' wind project will stretch over 200,000 acres in four Texas panhandle counties and tramadol no doctor produce over 4000 megawatts of power...enough to power around one million homes.

Of course, these plans don't always become reality, but the where can i purchase cialis prospect of a four gigawatt $6 billion solar plant is pretty freakin' exciting. If approved, the plant would begin construction in 2010. And that may be the first time in my life saying "Thanks" to an oil tycoon.

Via BusinessWeek
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Not too fast...
written by Grady Hillhouse, June 15, 2007
Don't be too hasty about saying thanks to T. Boone. He also owns 200,000 acres of groundwater rights in the Texas Panhandle above the already-running-low Ogallala Aquifer. His plan is to online levitra prescription sell the precious water from the aquifer to one of Texas's metropolitan areas. I live in Amarillo and know many farmers who depend on overnight canadian cialis this water. We joke about T. Boone fairly often, but his capitalist ventures are threatening this areas already severely depleted water supply.

written by Preston, June 15, 2007
T. Boone is an expert at picking inefficiencies in markets and making money on them. Wind is the future, so he's investing in it, in a big way. After reading this news I thought, "I bet the Bingaman-Reid RPS amendment will get passed." Boone has a pulse for what's going on.

As far as the find cialis water thing is concerned, I don't see the issue (although I'm not entirely privy to the issues). Business is enter site buy viagra china about identifying constrained resources and finding ways to make money from them. In processes, you increase the inputs at constrained points to waste less for the company and make money. In materials, you invest in constrained resources because there's value in scarcity. He's investing in scarcity.
I'm still big business!
written by NickSr., June 15, 2007
Maybe I would give him more credibility, if he was trying to cheap levitra online prescription develop something that the average home user could install and become independent of levitra dose electric lines and meters into the home.

All of the projects I read about are how big business plan to keep all homeowners on the only for you cialis no prescription grid....and thus taxable by the government....

I like some of the solutions I see being developed in China. Inexpensive, easy to rx online levitra install, and independent of any big business or government.
Why are the wind turbine spaced so far a
written by lowspeed, June 15, 2007

Is there a reason why the wind turbine are spaced so far apart ? (just a general question)
written by Keiichi, June 15, 2007
Tell me how it is at all a better idea to occupy 200,000 acres of natural landscape for 4000 MW when a 10 acre nuclear plant will produce the same power? Wind plants just seem like a half-hearted, short-lived, high-maintenance fad power source. We're running with the idea before it has been perfected or found truly viable. Our nuke plants have been online uneventfully for over 30 years. There are natural mineral sources of radiation 10 times more powerful than the waste produced by an efficient modern nuclear plant.
Hi NickSr..
written by Hun Boon, June 15, 2007
Can you tell us more about these solutions you saw in China?

I have the legal viagra same thought as Keiichi: Why are green and order viagra here apparently arable land being used for wind power? Shouldn't we be using land that would otherwise stand barren e.g. deserts? Is that a viable option?
written by jsahler, June 15, 2007
The thing is that, you can plant crops almost to the base of the turbines just leaving enough room for access. You can also graze animals around them that is much tougher to do near Nuclear. As far as Nuclear goes Wind has been a much more proven power generator for a much greater period of time than Nuclear. Also it doesn't take that much to decomission a turbine whereas a power plant has a long and involved decontamination period. With that being said I still tend to agree with NickSr that it needs to be much more local and small scale eventhough I still believe there are uses for large scale Renewable power plants.
written by Jack, June 15, 2007
Keiichi: Our nuke plants have been online uneventfully for over 30 years.
Ok. 30 years is a convenient number. Since it ignores what happened at Three Mile Island in 1979. And of course Chernobyl happened in 1986. Woohoo.

There are natural mineral sources of radiation 10 times more powerful than the waste produced by an efficient modern nuclear plant.
Sure...but in what quantities, densities, and locations?
10 acres for nuke plants, sorry, no.
written by Travlinmo, June 16, 2007
The typical Nuke plant (atleast the ones I've been to online ordering viagra or interviewed at) has a buffer space around it of cialis canada generic 80+ acres. Thats a space that typically is empty or just trees. Then the next area of land around it also has population control requirements. Although I believe that Nuclear Power has its place in the energy mix, putting wind turbines on arable land for energy used by homes makes lots of sense to me.
written by everydaytrash, June 16, 2007
Well, this might not make up for all past sins, but it's a good and replicable example set for other evil-doers of that most evil of industries. Someone should publish a manual on how to retire green to off-set the footprint of your career!
written by Keiichi, June 17, 2007
Of course it's quite normal of you to consider that America is the only nation on earth. However please take note that my name is not exactly Bob Smith. If you wish to know the location of natural radiation I suggest you invest in a geiger counter or simply google around.

As for Travlinmo. Yes, in some areas close to major cities large buffer zones are used. Still, the largest buffer zones are the size of a small wind field. I will use a plant I once visited as an example, the Cooper Nuclear station in Nebraska is in a sparsely populated area and has the small buffer zone I was speaking of. This is typical of small plants in isolated areas (where most new plants are constructed). The single GE reactor produces a reliable 800-1200MWe. The production area occupies less than 20 acres. The compound itself is less than 1500 acres, including the town in which most of the workers live. Even using the larger acrage number, the power density of Cooper station is .8 Megawatts per acre. The density of this wind farm would be .02 MWe/acre. Not to genuine viagra online mention it removes 200k acres of farmland and dots the landscape with giant, noisy turbines. I think wind is only really viable at sea and in isolated areas where line power is not available. Of course in small scale as augmenting solar or other energy for a single home, it is much less obtrusive.
written by jack, July 08, 2007
Keiichi: I didn't assume you were USAian. "Our" can mean everyone, not just USAians. I wouldn't have mentioned Chernobyl if I had thought that.
hey keiiichi
written by law, July 21, 2007
Keiichi, are you reading?? Do you know anything about wind power. The total land removed from use by a 20,000 acre wind farm is tiny, probably less then 10 acres because you
written by law, July 21, 2007
can plant crops and allow animals to feed all they way up to the base of the wind mill.

Trojan Nuclear Power Plant ... what a me
written by Konrad Roeder, November 25, 2007
Keiiichi, some nuclear power plants only last only 16 years like Oregon's Trojan which quit production in 1992. It had a 1,130 megawatt reactor. Boone's wind farm will create four times that. The plant is still being decommissioned 15 years later. The plant cost $450 million – $1.5 billion in today's dollars to build, billions to fuel, billions to operate and is now costing billions upon billions to decommission. What a mess! And, there is still no place to put its high-level nuclear waste. Nuclear power is not at all viable if you consider the costs.
Wind Power
written by Goliathnomore, May 07, 2008
Dear Mr. Pickens, please invest in Beacon Power Corporation. Thank you.
written by intheknow, May 23, 2008
The selling of water rights is OPTIONAL. Some may want to sell theirs others won't.

The POINT is Pickens KNOWS that the oil play is running dry and that wind is the future.

It is a CLEAN energy source that produces NO POLUTION. Harvesting the wind makes sense.

Other than hydro or solar their aren't many other sources of energy that produce NO polution.

I say GO FOR IT T. Boone make it a reality.
Nuclear Unfairly Demonized.
written by Scottar, July 20, 2008

Trying to compare Chernobyl to Three Mile Island is like trying to compare the Edsel to an 80's designed vehicle, your talking about two different designs- ref:

In the 50 some years since then name one major nuclear disaster that equals even equals Three Mile island? Why does nuclear work so well in Europe? Your referenced allegation is childish.


Keiiichi is the old nuclear technology, come explore the new:

The problem is online pharmacy viagra accepts paypal the dangers of radiation from nuclear have been mostly exaggerated. Some radiation has been shown to be beneficial to the human body. It's part of canadian generic viagra online the natural world.

There are bad designs and good designs. There is bad management and good management. It's not just black and white, good-bad absolutes.
written by ZEITGEIST, October 09, 2008
i wrote t boone and told him about my car that runs totally on water. he does not care. i garantee you he is in bed with the banks. watch the movie zeitgeist. we have all been handed a line of bullshit.
Wind is generally useless...
written by Smithy Smith, October 27, 2008
To Konrad Roeder; You need about 1500 plants (If a plant had 8 reactors, or 3000 for a standard plant with 4 reactors), to power up the i use it dose cialis entire earh at the present timp. Lets say we use a four reactor plant, with a 1gW reactor each. One such plant, produces as much as a 200k acre field. 3000 of such fields would be 600.000.000 acres, which is 2.428.113 square kilometers. America has about 9.500.000 square kilometers. Would you occupy 1/4 of the total US space with wind turbines to meet the current energy demand? Would you use half of US' space to meet the energy demand in 2050, or even more? Do you really expect that wind power is an option, considdering you can't make notable technological advances to purchase discount cialis online the turbines, and that they're utterly tide to wind force, which is not constant? Do you really expect that kind of inhumane maintenance to those thousnds and thousands of wind turbines? Do you really think that reactors will remain at a roughly 1gigawatt and not go up to 2gW in the future? Or even 3gW if fusion will be possible? Do you even know something about waste disposal? As a side note, I gues buring radioactive waste from a plant, in a uranuim mine would do so much "damage" to the earth, considdering the tremendous amounts of uranium that can be found in the mine, which is not even comparable to what plant can produce, and this is just on buy tramadol on line of the many way ways to safely dispose of nuclear waste. Solar energy would be a solution, but we do not currently have the industrial power, and man power, to make gigantic solar pannels in the outer atmosfere, or something of levitra australia no prescription that nature. Wind farms are useless tumbleweeds that take up to much space. Of course plants are dangerous, but what isn't? The "terrorists" smashed a plane into a building, not a nuclear plant (I "wonder" why), and the effect is clearly visible. Soldiers are dying, the US economy is going down fast, and much more. The unlikely possibility of a terrorist attack, is greatly overshadowed by other, more dangerous aspects. I'm not even going to talk about Three Mile Island incident or the Chernobyl accident, because it would be childish. Taking such examples into a discussion proves that the speeker doesn't know even know about what actually happened or anything about the plants. Wind power is the least useful way of producing energy.
Flywheel power for windfarms
written by Flywheel Power, May 03, 2009
Dear Mr. Pickens, please invest in Beacon Power Corporation. Thank you.
written by john o, January 04, 2010
see it's like this there has been some small wind farms in this area for 20 years. and running just fine. now we have an oil man that has the money to put in a texas size wind farm.IT IS TIME WE GET AWAY FROM Nuclear Power Plant!!!!!!!THANKS MR. Pickens

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