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AUG 15

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"[b]I believe, that although having wind turbines are good for the it's great! viagra without prescription envi..."

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Wind Powered Potato Chips?

A french fry manufacturing plant is building the tallest wind turbine on English soil! That's just...weird...and also potentially very tasty. The plant is run by McCain foods, who produces massive amounts of french fries for both MacDonald's and Burger King. The three giant turbines will cost roughly $20 million, but it will reduce the electricity costs of wow look it where can i purchase viagra the plant by over 60%. And when winds are strong,or the plant isn't operating, McCain will actually be able to sell electricity back to the rest of the UK.

It's a fairly massive project. McCain hopes that this will help shelter the company from future rises in energy costs. And I, for one, am glad, because I just won't be able to deal if fries leave the 99 Cent Super Value Menu... Ahem...not that I eat at MacDonald's...

Via Good Clean Tech

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How big
written by strange but true, August 16, 2007
are they going to be?
written by Taylor, May 13, 2008
I believe, that although having wind turbines are good for the environment, we should not be supporting these fast food indutries. Our world is suffering from obesity. So we should boycott these companies, and try and lowest price viagra america have a healthier world.

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