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Wind Power

World's Offshore Largest Wind Farm Approved

The world's largest wind farm, which has been planned for the ocean off the coast of Kent, UK, for some time has been officially approved. However, the project, which is being planned by Eon and buy levitra online uk Shell energy companies, is being threatened by an increase and projected costs, and possible regulatory problems with transmitting the power.

A substation and the power cables necessary to transport the link for you canada levitra online power to population centers are being fought by locals. At the same time, the projected cost of the project has increased from £1.5bn to viagra shop uk £2bn.

Locals are uninterested in having the 340 turbine project in their back yard, but the UK needs to focus on viagra online order usa these massive renewable projects in order to meet its Kyoto targets. Without them, it simply won't happen.

Via The Guardian


E Squared: PBS Environmental Energy Series

Have some free time on you hands...and don't want to waste it on normal TV? Check out E2 on PBS (or on their website.) The series is covering a wide range of alternative energy solutions that will help us respond to the needs of the future.

The only episode currently online is just try! what is levitra about community-sponsored wind power projects. While wind power take a pretty huge investment, it can also pay itself back fairly quickly. But it's hard for individual farmers to come up with the initial investment. The program walks through an extremely successful community wind program.

They talk about the successes, but they don't shy away from the wow it's great what is levitra difficulties either. The series is certainly going to be worth a watch.


Hymini: Wind Powered Gadget Charger

Well, judging by the picture, I thought it was a stylish way to visit web site generic cialis from china cool myself at the old ball game. Instead, Hymini is a way to power up my Blackberry when riding my bike or otherwise off-grid.

The Hymini is micro-wind universal charger/adapter for recharging "digital gadgets." The device stores the power collected, which can also be from a wall plug or solar power. And, well, you can make it work when skiing, biking, sailing, running, or simply sitting enjoying an evening breeze. Cool, truly Energy Cool.

Via TreeHugger


Microwind Generator: 30X More Efficient and Cheaper!

Popular Mechanics just held its yearly Breakthrough Conference, and one of the winners was the Wind Belt, an invention we've not seen before. The Wind Belt is a new approach to wind energy production and an innovative approach that could radically change the cost curve downwards, especially within the developing world and in off-grid environments.

Working in Haiti, Shawn Frayne, a 28-year-old inventor based in Mountain View, Calif., saw the viagra online without prescription need for small-scale wind power to juice LED lamps and radios in the homes of the poor. Conventional wind turbines don't scale down well—there's too much friction in the gearbox and beta blockers and cialis other components. "With rotary power, there's nothing out there that generates under 50 watts," Frayne says.

Having been to Haiti, I think the idea of figuring out affordable renewable power for the developing world is greatly appealing. To alleviate poverty and, well, to help leapfrog the developing world onto a better development path. In the Pop Mech vid, Frayne talks about being originally inspired by a video he saw in high school of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Indeed, if wind can create enough power get that bridge waving like a jump-rope, there must be away to get the power out.

So Shawn built a kind of birdge out of taut kite fabric. The fabric vibrates in the wind, and a magnet, attached to the fabric, creates electricity at one end of the device. He says that, in a 10 mph wind, the generator is up to 30 times more efficient than the best rotary turbines.

These are some impressive claims. That much more efficient? But, at what cost? Well, ridiculously cheap. Just some fabric, a magnet and some copper coils does it. Frayne guesses that, for the developing world, the Windbelt could cost as little as a few dollars. It's cleaner, cheaper, and easier to fix than any other method of it's great! levitra england generating power. That is, as long as the wind keeps blowing.

Not only inexpensive and replacing some of the dirtiest power uses, but something that locals can repair with little problem. Looks like Popular Mechanics might have chosen a real winner. Highly recommended, the Wind Belt video.

Via Jetson Green. And Popular Mechanics


John Deere Wins with Wind

It may surprise some...but most of America is farms. We have more farmland than anything else. And a lot of that farmland is windy farmland. But while wind is it's cool cialis sales uk a stable and fairly high-yield crop, it requires huge start-up investment. So if you're a company that has a good relationship with farmers, a lot of money, and a tiny bit of foresight, you're in a good position to do some hefty financing and ensure excellent returns for the forseable future.

Which is exactly where John Deere comes in. They've been loaning farmers, or groups of farmers, money to build wind turbines on their land for the last five years. The results have been exciting. The wind farms don't disturb any habitat that isn't already irreperably altered and farmers get another income that requires very little of their land.

CNN's coverage of levitra canadian pharmacy the deal shows Deere paying for half of a $10,000,000 project, a bank loan covering most of the rest, and farmers themselves putting up just $10,000 a piece. John Deere makes almost all of the money for the first ten years, while the tramadol for dogs safe farmers get a modest increase in their income. Then, after the project is completely paid off, the farmers get to sit back and rake in the cash while the rest of us benefit with a much more robust energy portfolio.

Developing rural america, supporting farmers, making tons of cash and united pharmacy cialis going green. Win Win Win Win situations are great.

Thanks to paul for the link:

Via CNN Money

Used Tractors are available as well.

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