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Wind Power

WINDPOWER 2007: Big Ideas in Small Wind

At this week's WINDPOWER conference, there's lots of big talk about big wind, a big exhibition hall full of big manufacturers of huge wind turbines and viagra on line sales gigantic poles and massive transmission lines and other sorts of hi-tech geegaw. But the thing that most interested me was the small wind area.

It was only a few booths, but there was something about it them appealed to me as an individual, a green energy enthusiast and, let's face it, a typical American consumer (hey, I could buy that!). For about $15,000, for instance (much of which is permitting and installation fees), you could invest in the Skystream 3.7, a small, sleek-looking wind turbine that can generate between 40-100% of a home or small business' power needs. (It actually does look pretty cool; the company calls it "the iPod of wind power.") There's no battery or anything, it connects directly to your home, and depending on how your local utility works, if it gets really windy it might even start spinning your meter backwards (meaning the power company pays you, rather than the other way around). Of course, it's not quite plug-and-play yet (as iPods are): you have to have an average wind speed of about 10mph, live on a half-acre with unobstructed views, make sure your local zoning laws permit you to erect 42-foot structures on your property and, oh yeah, find out if your power company will actually let you hook this thing up. (Check out the company's website for more info.)

There's also Entegrity Wind Systems, which manufactures small wind turbines designed to supplement power at businesses and schools. In fact, they've partnered with several impoverished school districts in Texas and provided them with turbines, each of which last year saved about $70,000 per school in energy costs as a result.

It seems the biggest problem with erecting small wind turbines here in Los Angeles is the we choice online pharmacy cialis county's internecine permitting and approval process, which can take up to a year, and is very expensive. For instance, it costs about $2,200 just to to apply for one and have the county ask all your neighbors with in a 500-foot-or-so radius of you what they think. (If more than one of them doesn't like the idea, for whatever reason, you can either cough up about $2,500 more to defend your permit at a public hearing, or give up.) On top of that, you're looking at about $4,000 more in civil engineer approvals, county-approved anti-climb devices, inspections now and daily viagra in the future, special signage, etc. Needless to say, it's a slog, but activists in LA County are trying to reform the process.


The Age of Windustry

Day one of cheap levitra order online buy real cialis online without prescription the Windpower 2007 conference has come to an end, and having just rubbed elbows with something like 6,000 attendees, 400-plus exhibitors and national legislators and policymakers from around the country, I thought I'd try to make sense of it all. The confab was put on by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), and heavily attended by many of folk who belong to it: wind energy producers, manufacturers who produce things like wind turbines, poles, and transmission lines and wind outreach and education organizations. The conference features tons of panels, discussions and presentations, but much of the talk at this year's Windpower focused on just a few issues: 
  • A lot of people -­ and not just wind industry representatives, either ­- believe that wind energy is wow look it budget viagra and will remain an increasingly crucial part of our national renewable energy portfolio. No one had anything particularly negative to we like it low price viagra say about nuclear or other non-c02-emitting power generation technologies, but all agreed that of those other options, none were as ready as wind power was to step up to the generic cialis shipping plate and work. (It takes years and years to bring a nuclear power plant online, for instance, and not nearly as long to build and propecia mexico permit wind turbines). The wind industry feels that its golden moment is now.
  • The AWEA has set a really tough goal for itself and for the wind industry: to produce 20% of the U.S.' power by the year 2020. As good as that sounds, no one really knows how it's going to be accomplished. Panelist Bob Lukefahr, of BP¹s alternative fuels division, stressed the challenges: It will require "technology we haven't invented yet," he said, and entails "political and economic complexity this business has never faced before." For starters, they're going to have to figure out how to deliver all that energy; even if we had the turbines to do it right now, it would cost at least $60 billion to cheap cialis with fast delivery build the transmission lines to get that power onto the country's grid, according to AWEA President Randall Swisher.
  • The future of the wind industry depends on the White House, and if the next few presidents we have aren't wind-friendly, wind will stay small for the long haul.

The good news is, there are plenty of lowest price levitra states out there interested in having the wind industry set up shop in their regions. At Monday's confab alone, the mayor of Los Angeles and the buy fioricet governors of Montana and Iowa made nice to the assembled windustryites, and at least one congressman (D.C.'s own Jerry McNerney) and a senator (Tom Daschle) lent their support to the cause as a whole. In short, the industry is booming, consumer interest in renewable energy has never been higher, and the future ­ depending in part on buy viagra overnight what happens in the 2008 election ­ looks bright.


Enano E2: High Performace, High Efficiency Computing

If the 6 Watt Linutop is a Honda Insight - small, not much room or power, but efficient - then the Enano E2, packing Intel Core Duo technology, a DVD burner, up to 2GB of RAM and 160GB of storage, is the Wrightspeed X1 of computing - small, lightweight, quiet, energy efficient, and somewhat impractical. I love that they are 70-80% more efficient than a regular desktop, weighing in at around 65 watts power consumption (vs. a typical 300 watt system). The only thing that bugs me is that for the same price (they start at $650) you could get a laptop similarly equipped, which would probably draw less power than one of these when combined with a flat panel monitor. It has optional TV tuner and S-video out, but if you're looking for a set-top box you're probably better off with an appleTV for downloaded iTunes content or a linux box running MythTV for DVR functionality - Vista is notoriously crippled when it comes to multimedia, especially HD content. Lack of component or HDMI outputs make this a non-issue, though.

An Energy Star partner, Enano Computers envisions themselves as pioneers and revolutionaries:

"Our vision is to provide viable energy efficient alternatives to traditional computer systems. E2s are the latest energy-efficient computer designed for our evolving planet. Our sole mission is viagra tablets sale to make a real, honest and viagra dose lasting difference in how people around the world use computer energy."

All in all this is a sweet little machine. If you're running Vista and space is your number one concern (vendors, executives, and astronauts: take note) this little PC, highly reminiscent of the Mac Mini, may be the greenest option available. It's Energy Star compliant, and it's made from highly recyclable materials.



Kenyan Wind Turbine: Bike Parts and Roofing Iron

In Eastern Kenya the four Ututu brothers inherited a large area of fertile farmland, which had been terraced by their father in the late 1950s. Despite this resource, they were experiencing problems because they lacked water both for drinking (meaning wasted time, fetching water from 9 miles away in the dry season) and for irrigation.

The Ututu brothers drilled their first successful well in 1997 where water was found at a depth of 30 feet. One of the brothers, Joseph Ututu, designed a working wind-pump to follow link cailis canadian farmacy try on one of the wells. He and his brothers constructed the moving parts mainly from spare bicycle tires, and made the sails from corrugated steel roofing sheets. Joseph is particularly proud of the enclosed pulley mechanism, which has so far worked for six years without maintenance. The wind-pump is fixed in position and faces the viagra online canada prevailing wind. At night, when the wind picks up, the sails turn very fast, clanking and creaking as they turn. Every night, the turbine pumps over 1,000 liters of water.

While it may seem extraordinary that wells had not be “discovered” in this part of Kenya until the last decade or so, the Ututu brothers have certainly capitalized on their initiative. There is a good market for water, and from the income earned they have managed to educate all their children. They have also raised vegetables for food and for sale on a small horticultural plot close to the wells. Since they began, more than 30 wells have been dug by neighbors.

Wells and wind-pumps are hardly revolutionary technologies; nevertheless their development by the Ututus has revolutionized the local water supply. With improved technical knowledge, people gain the tools to make the most of their own imaginative design capability to solve local problems in the most relevant way. We should therefore recognize and buy viagra online without prescription uk encourage initiative where it occurs, and support such creativity with “scientific” knowledge.

Via: Afrigadget and Farming Solutions


Atlanta's Solar / Wind Powered Aquarius Tower

OK, I know where I want to live. I've been thinking about Georgia for a while, but I dread the labyrinthine freeway system of Atlanta. But the new Aquarius Tower in downtown Atlanta offers more than any other American building I've seen yet.

Yes, it's wired for high-speed internet and surround sound. Yes, it has a robotic car parking system that decreases driving time. Yes all 113 units have south-facing windows overlooking Centennial Park. But the building also has integrated wind turbines and solar panels decreasing the amount of power residents pull from the grid.

The wind turbines are specially integrating into the building. In fact, the building acts as kind of cheap cialis in usa a wind-collector, that channels and concentrates winds into the turbines.

Of course, the one bedroom units are $300,000, and the penthouses top out at $2.5 million. But it's safe to say that it's a good investment. If all goes well, we can all start moving in at the end of 2009.

Via MetaEfficient and Go Dekalb
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