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Wind Power

World's Largest Offshore Wind Project?

England has begin planning the largest ever offshore wind project in history. Three Hundred and look here what is the cost of viagra Fifty gigantic wind turbines would supply enough power for around 1,000,000 homes. The farm could produce over half of the power for all of South West England.

Unfortunately, the farm is still in the levitra delivered overnight planning stage. Even if they go ahead with the project in the next year, the project won't be at full capacity for another decade. However, if we want to live in a sustainable world, these long-range, massive projects are exactly what we need to see more of.

We'll have our eye on this one, if South West England is going to levitra pharmaceutical lead the way for sustainability in the developed world, then we're behind them 100%.


Gumming Up the Works: Bugs and Turbines

There's been a lot of bird mortality talk surrounding wind turbines. However, it turns out that's not so big of a deal compared with bug mortality. Just like a car flying down the highway, wind turbines slice through the air extremely quickly. And just like a car, they slowly get covered in a film of bug juice that, over time, can decrease the efficiency of the turbines by up to 25%.

Now, as you might imagine that cleaning a turbine blade is no gas-station squeegee operation. Shutting down the turbines and getting crews to pressure clean the massive turbine blades only compromises efficiency further. If only mother nature would recognize when we were trying to help!

Via Celsias

Twirling Tower Could Power Itself, Ten Others.

A noobie architect decides that he's obviously the levitra rx best guy to revolutionize office buildings and, next thing you know, he's designed a wind-powered rotating skyscraper.

While the technical details of the wind-power system are sketchy at best, the architect, David Fisher, claims that the tower could power itself and ten other similar sized buildings. Frankly, the claim seems somewhat outlandish, but even if it produces just it's own energy, it would be a significant achievement.

Fisher has proposed that towers be built in a new way, basically by stacking platters on a central concrete core. This will allow for two unique and awesome features. First, a wind turbine between every floor (see image above) and, second, rotating floors.

While the rotating floors have gotten quite a bit of press, really the most amazing claim is that the tower could provide all its own electricity. If true, this design could indeed mean a remarkable and sustainable future for skyscrapers. Totally awesome. And, as Fisher predicts that the first tower will begin construction in Dubai in the next six months, and is currently talking with the City of Chicago about their own twirling tower, it may not be as far-fetched as it seems.

Oh, and if you want to see the thing spin, there's a video after the jump.


Most Powerful Wind Turbine Anywhere

Enercon, one of the most innovative wind power companies in the world, has just announced begun selling a six megawatt wind turbine! That's a good 20% more powerful than any other turbine on the market, producing enough power per turbine to power 4,000 homes. Enercon doesn't spend much time figuring out names for it's turbines. Their most popular model, the E-40, has a turbine diameter of 40 m, while this new turbine, the E-112, has a turbine diamter of 112 meters! Dang!

Interestingly, this isn't the world's largest wind turbine, it just produces the most power, a testament to Enercon's innovative strategies. The turbine blades are specially designed, and Enercon's patented gearless generator keeps noise, friction, and maintenance to only here best price for cialis a minimum.

I'm loving watching wind turbines get bigger, more powerful, and less expensive per watt. It's almost like Moore's law, except instead of cooler video games...we get a cooler planet.

The Loopwing Personal Wind Turbine

This loopy looking item is a striking wind turbine design with some interesting features. A Japanese company is offering this small-scale wind turbine that touts an amazingly low 1.6m/sec (3.5 mph) minimum generation speed (compared with 8-11 mph for many turbines.)

The company claims a number of buy cialis pill benefits for the Loopwing turbine attributed to the unusual configuration of the blades. Because there are no blade tips, the Loopwing doesn't have tip vortex effects, and is therefore much quieter. This also reduces vibration, which helps with both noise and extending the life of the turbine and use cialis generator. The blade configuration is also responsible for its low start speed.

Check out this awesome broken-english press material:

People witnessing a test model in operation gave high evaluation saying that there is no noise at all. The unique-shaped blade has self-stalling capability and it can avoid over-speeding. Loopwing’s rotation has globular trajectory and it can deflect smoothly even in gust, for example in a place on get cialis cheap the roof of a building where the strong wind blows.
There you have's all about the globular trajectory avoiding over-speeding.

The Loopwing turbine appears to making the rounds of Japanese trade shows, and they have secured a US patent. So it's possible that it will be coming, but as yet there doesn't seem to be a North American distributor. Via: Metaefficient

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