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Wind Power

Take a Peak at Ohio’s First Wind Farm

The Electric Division in Bowling Green, Ohio has added a webcam to their website.  Sorry, no sexy females on this webcam.  Instead you have a few attractive wind turbines 24 hours a day seven days a week.  If you really want to cialis arterial fibrillation seem some action, now is the time to check this web cam out.  Fall is one of the windiest seasons, so you will most likely see these turbines live and in motion. 

The Bowling Green Wind Farm was constructed in late 2003 with two 1.8 MW wind turbines.  In 2004 two more turbines were added and now the total output from this wind farm is 7.2 MW.  These wind turbines are said to be one of the largest turbines west of the Rockies.  Similar units are in Wyoming and California.  In 2005 a solar-powered kiosk was added to the farm.  In this kiosk guests can view the turbines’ power output, as well as the specifications of the turbines.  You can even view a video of the turbines’ construction. 

The webcam is attached to the roof of the kiosk and it moves from turbine to turbine zooming in and out so you can really get up-close and personal with these green machines.  For those you are not fortunate enough to live near a wind farm, you can now watch them 24/7.


Tapping Maple Ridge


Here at Ecogeek, we are big fans of wind power. So, Tapping Maple Ridge was right up our alley. This touching movie about maple syrup, wind and community tells the story of Lewis County, New York the site of cialis for sale the Maple Ridge Wind Farm – one of the largest wind farms in North Eastern United States.

Construction on the wind farm began in May 2005. The first turbine began producing electricity in December 2005, and the project was fully on-line in January 2006. Currently, there are 140 active turbines.  

Coincidentally, Lewis County also produces more maple syrup - an estimated 255,000 gallons in 2004 - than any other county in New York. Abundant in natural, renewable resources but with a harsh climate, wind power has brought a new breath of life to this rural community. A meditation on the similarities between harvesting maple syrup from the trees and harvesting power from the wind, Tapping Maple Ridge demonstrates the desirability of wind energy.

Watch the best price for generic viagra trailer below or click here to watch the entire 40 min movie.



An EcoGeek at Wired NextFest: WIND

architecturalwindWind turbines are coming to a rooftop close to you. At only 60 lbs the 6.5-foot-tall Architectural Wind is designed for use in urban and suburban areas and ideal for flat roofed buildings.  Similar to the quiterevolution, Architectural Wind runs quietly and produces very little vibration. The design harnesses the building's own aerodynamic properties to generate power. Mounted on the building parapets rather than on the roof the turbine catches the wind as it travels up the side of a building, which in some cases results in a 30% increase in energy production.

Requiring only a 7 mph (3.1 m/s) breeze to start up, the modular turbines produce roughly 55kWh per month per unit. Scalable and viagra for sale online modular you can add more as your energy needs increase. Designed to withstand gusts above 100 mph (45 m/s) you won't have to worry about your turbines falling off the roof. For those who worry about our winged friends, the company offers optional canopy and avian protection option.

Architectural Wind makes its debut at NextFest and hasn't even made it on the Aero Vironoment website yet! The mini wind turbines displayed here confirm the trend that the online cialis cheap Future of Green is about Urban Sustainability and not hiding out in the forest.

On the other end of the spectrum is levitra 20mg GEs 1.5 megawatt wind turbines. With more than 2,800 units in operation worldwide, these monoliths are the world's most widely used wind turbines. Tall as a 30-story building, with blade rotors that sweep areas as large as a football field, these turbines are designed for off-shore placement, where they take advantage of the stronger and more abundant sea winds. They can often be seen in large scale wind farms that provide power for entire coastal towns and cities. 



Grimshaw Aerogenerator: A Colossal Wind Turbine


We saw, not so long ago, how the Dutch are trying to bring a different aesthetic to wind generation by ditching the single stem support in favour of link for you generic levitra soft tabs "wind trees." Now a radically different slant on the idea of generating energy from the wind comes from Nicholas Grimshaw Architects, designers of the "Biome" domes at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

In the UK, there is a target to meet 10% of the nations energy needs by 2010, at the moment, this target is on buy cheap generic viagra shaky foundations as the hoards of "Not In My Back Yard" protesters try and halt the progress of clean, green, generation. No sooner is a wind farm proposed, than a local action group voicing the concerns of the vociferous minority is also founded.

All of these arguments begin to make far-off-shore wind look like the professional cialis online sensible option, and Grimshaw has come up with a pioneering solution that looks the part for a new era of the "white heat of sustainable technology" that we are entering into.

Unlike the three bladed turbines that we have come to know which spin on a horizontal axis, the gargantuan Aerogenerator spins on a vertical axis. It looks more like a gigantic television antennae than a turbine and, when moving, I imagine confused boatmen thinking they may have stumbled upon a secret government teleportation project.  And it will be huge, yes...that is a battleship in the background...for scale.

Here's a 1024 x 768 wallpaper version of the grimshaw aerogenerator we made, if you're interested.

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Vertical Axis, Urban Wind Turbine


Innovative British Consultancy XCO2 has come up with an novel design of urban wind turbine that it believes will help wind power acheive better market penetration than other designs.

The aesthetic of the design differs significantly from the traditional horizontal axis turbine that we're used to seeing, but breaks with the tradition of horizontal axis turbines by being both vertically oriented and also helical in shape.

Named the Quiet Revolution 5, to reflect its low noise design features, the turbine incorporates a number of features into its design that are designed to minimise the audible intrusion generated in operation.

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